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All Around Bradleyville

I thought all my hummingbirds had already left or migrated through and I hadn’t seen any for days, then Sunday morning I saw just one lone hummingbird zipping around, sipping a little from first one feeder then the other, then flying over to take a taste from my morning glories. He must have missed the memo to leave. What sugar water is left in the feeders is acting as a wasp trap for yellow jackets. Every time I go to the feeders, there are dozens of yellow jackets drowned in the syrup. I will be glad to take them down this year.

Last Thursday night we enjoyed the benefit concert of the very popular Southern Gospel group, Karen Peck and New River at Bradleyville School. There was a nice crowd there and over $2800 was raised for missions work for missionaries serving in the Philippines.

I saw lots of people I know from this area, and some I barely know and others we have seen at other concerts through the years that I don’t really know but recognize their faces. We sat down right in front of Robert and Louise Moore and their daughter Melissa from Butterfield, MO who we got acquainted with at a concert in Ridgeway, Arkansas years ago and only see once or twice a year at gospel concerts. I also got to visit with a friend I went to high school with over 40 years ago; her name was Karen Hodges then. Sorry it took me a while to recognize you, Karen! It’s only been around 20+ years since I saw you last. Hope it isn’t that long before we see each other again.

Friday night and Saturday night we attended the 5th Sunday meeting held at Sardis General Baptist Church at Forsyth. It was very well attended with a fish fry on Friday night before the service began, and a Dutch oven dinner on Saturday night before the service. We couldn’t get around in time to eat with them, but sure did enjoy the services. Pastor Josh Johannes welcomed everyone on both nights with words of encouragement. Sue Clayton brought a good message Friday night and Corby Lux preached on Saturday night.

The clouds cleared out and the sun shone brightly to make it a beautiful afternoon last Saturday when we joined several friends and family members and attended a baptism at the slab on Little Beaver behind the old cheese plant. My stepmother, Donna Sloan was baptized, along with Ron Clark, Jan Clark, and Kenneth. Sorry I don’t know Kenneth’s last name.

Donna Sloan and several of her brothers, sisters, and other family members had a family reunion at the Bradleyville Nazarene fellowship hall immediately before the baptism.

Bob and I enjoyed going to the Gospel Showcase in Springfield at the Remington’s Event Center last Sunday afternoon, sponsored by KWFC radio station. We enjoyed some very talented singers from the area and the comedy of Jarrett Dougherty, who was hilarious as usual. We thought we were going to hear the Hosea Bilyeu Family perform too, but we were mistaken and they weren’t singing at that event, but at a church in Nixa later that evening.

Congratulations to the Bradleyville Junior High boys’ basketball team who won first place in the Taneyville tournament last week.

Junior High basketball games will be next week when the girls travel to Thornfield for the Thornfield tournament, October 8-12. The Junior High boys don’t have any games on the schedule until later in October.

There aren’t any volleyball games this week but next week will be at home with Forsyth on Tuesday, October 9.

Birthdays for the coming week include: October 3: Kaycee Howie, Caitlyne Pollard, Dylan Rogers, Ryan Saffle, Teresa Stafford; October 5: Josh Burns, Nathan Easley, Janice Walker, Bert Smith, October 6: Lila Roberts, Michael Robertson; October 7: Randall Cummings, Barbara Hunter; October 8: Garland Smith, Gaylene Madison; October 9: Mike Yeary; October 10: Judy Clemans, Carla Combs, Karen Cantrell.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: October 4: Mark and Gina Norwine.

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