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Our ninth month, September, is in its last week and where has time gone so fast. October has 31 days and it’s a month of harvesting, also preparing for winter months. Soon we will have frosty nights, and will be trying to get used to cooler weather.

A happy belated September 24th birthday to Gabe Hathcock, on his 13th, son of Tara Miller, in Mountain Home.

Sympathy to all who lost loved ones recently. Among those were the Lizzie Rhine family of Bakersfield, widow of Jake Rhine, and the families of Maxine Cissna, Patty Crisp, Jack Moody, Roy Overturf and Jordan Stewart family.

A belated wish to Linda Harlin’s mother who was 99 years “young” September 12th.

Some changes are for the best, and some only confuse people such as Nina Blairs article stated, having a new address though they haven’t moved. Good luck!

Grass has really been growing and has required a lot of mowing lately. There was certainly a dry summer and very little mowing done.

Our Friendly Neighbors Extension Club member Lynn Bentele won the double wedding ring quilt at the quilt show drawing. She is donating it to her church for a charitable donation. Sharon Garcia, who is 10 years old, won the pretty club quilt made by Katie Hoversen.

Tammy Childress from Jefferson City and Theresa and Carlyn Bridges from Kansas City, spent the weekend with Ernestine Gaddy. Her niece, Velta (Osborne_ Ashbrook, from Idaho spent lastweek from Monday to Sunday with her also.

A wedding shower for Erick King and Jaime Shipley was Sunday afternoon in the fellowship hall. Their wedding is in October.

Our fall revival starts Sunday evening September 30 through Thursday, October 4 with Zack Williams, Evangelist, from Mountain Grove.

My visitors on Saturday were Marlyn Piticock and daughter, Kindra Vega from Forsyth, Lyndon and Linaia Pitcock, son Tyler, and granddaughter, Chloe Wright, now one year old. Also Dave Davis stopped in to visit with them in the afternoon.

Edith McKinnon said her granddaughter, Sharon Garcia, learned square dancing with Andy Elders help at Hootin’ An’ Hollarin” and also won the pretty quilt in the drawing. Sharon is the 10 years old and had her first visit in the festival, so it was exciting.

“How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money for money mistakes can by corrected, but time is gone forever.”

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