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What an enjoyable Monday morning with fall temperatures, reminding us fall is here and revived since the heat of the summer months.  There is a lot of grass to cut now since the rain a week ago.

An enjoyable trip to Nixa last Wednesday was made by Mearl and Beulah Satterfield and Jerry Miller, where they visited Carolyn Morrison.  Her busband, Steve, wasn’t home at the time they were there.  They all went out to eat at noon.  Jerry drove her truck home from son Mark’s place at Nixa.  Jerry enjoyed seeing her neighbors, Mearl and Beulah’s new home at Sparta also.

Ron’s Recovery was called early Monday morning as a SUV stalled on the 160 highway west of Tecumseh.

The crepe myrtle shrubs are really putting on a show with large blooms this year.  Recent rains really gave them the boost they needed.

Theresa Bridges visited her mom and attended church at Lilly Ridge Sunday.

Dave and Karen Davis were in Gainesville Monday morning on business.

Best wishes to Warren Moody who is now feeling better after illness last Friday.  He has a birthday coming up October 10th.

Red wasps are a bother for my humming birds to feed on their sugar water.

Thanks to Jerry Miller for okra from her garden. She stopped in to visit Monday morning.  Her nephews will be coming before long from Tennessee for a couple of weeks.

School is in session and a reminder is seeing the school buses going on their way..

Happy birthday to Edith Mckinnon this Thursday, September 13th.

The Sie Long family has our sympathy.

Our church had a Gideon speaker with us Sunday morning, when Keith Moore from Ava visited.  We welcomed him and his wife, and hope they come again.

Ed Stevens Day is this coming Sunday.  He was a missionary who died on the Mission field from an illness.

Calvary Baptist church in West Plains is hosting the Little Vine Fellowship meeting this Tuesday evening, September 11th.

Prayers are for those sick and among them are Bob Bryant and Richard Terry.

This Monday evening Eastern Star members meet at the Masonic Hall in Gainesville for September 10th.  Dinner is at 6:30 pm.

It was nice to have my great granddaughter, Alexus Luebbert, from Kansas, “sing” her ABC’s for me Sunday morning to show me that she is learning as she starts the Kindergarten.  She has a musical talent.

Until next week, best wishes to all who read our weekly news.

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