At last we have had rain and moisture in the air instead of heat and dry air for the past months. The rain is needed badly. The grass was green almost overnight, but now the forecast is for hot and dry weather this coming week.

Leslie Hicks and Anna Larson met Leslie’s daughter, Relena Inmon at Leslie’s Uncle Logan Brown’s at Ava, on Relena’s 40th birthday in August.

Junior and Shirley Sisney celebrated their 38th anniversary in August. Congratulations!

Edith McKinnon has been very sick with a fever and is on antibiotics.

On recent news white hummingbords were seen in the Kansas City area with pink eyes and their legs were pink also. They are very rare.

The 73rd annual White River Valley Electric Co-op Meeting at Tri-Lakes Center of Branson will be full of excitement I’m sure, this Saturday, September 8th.

Happy Birthday to Mildred Watson, of Ava, on her 90th birthday this Saturday. She will join “Betty White” and me on our 90th birthdays this summer, as it seems to be a popular birthday!

Wayne Stewart was honored by his congregation and friends Sunday afternoon at the Tecumseh firehouse on his 40th year in the ministry.

Lilly Ridge Church bi-monthly dinner was Sunday following morning services. Business meeting was Sunday night. Our fall revival begins Sunday evening September 30th with Zack Williams from Mountain Grove, and all area churches are invited to attend the five nights he will be preaching.

George Szabo had successful shoulder surgery in West Plains recently.

A Gideon speaker will be at Lilly Ridge Church Sunday, September 9th for the morning service.

Prayers are for Louise (Trivitt) Houser, a patient in Little Rock Hospital with lymes disease. I was told. Best wishes.

Since the rains last week the grass has grown and mowing grass keeps us busy.

Several folks had company over Labor Day. It is just two and a half weeks until Hootin’ An’ Hollarin” and fall is in the air. Lots of folks will be coming for the festival and great friends they haven’t seen since last year. Hopefully the weather will be mild for the weekend of September 20th through the 22nd.

Larry Davis and Stella King both celebrate birthays on September 18th. Happy Birthday to both of them.

Edith McKinnon has a September 13th birthday this coming week.

News is scarce this week so until next time perhaps there will be good news coming.

A thought to remember, “Faith is what makes you feel the comfort of the hearth while you are chopping the wood.”