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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

“Clay Bird Shoot” yesterday was a big success with over 50 people attending.  Fun for all with plenty of great food, free ammo, free clays, sharing of guns, and a lot of good visiting.  Trap Shoot Winners:  Adam Housley, Jamie Gwilliams, Jason Mills, Colton and Trenton, Hunter Garrison, Sheridan Cantrell, Shelby Housley, Trent Jones, Brandon Thompson, Mike Tate, Rick Batten, Shelby Moore, and Shelby Equivilly.  Grand prize winner was Aspen Housley-winning the gun cabinet.  Jimmie Marler took pictures and shared them with others (the kids especially enjoyed getting their pictures holding a gun).

Morning service:  Shelby Moore shared a devotion on shooting guns and bows.  They must be aimed at the target, and you must shoot the right target.  He said, “We should focus on the right target in life, and be more like our savior, Jesus Christ”.

Prayer requests on Sept. 23:  Johnny Hicks family, Sharon Renfrow, Jennifer Alexander, Aaron Jones, Travis Watkins, Teresa Crisp family, Barb Tate’s cousin, Jake Sellars, Pat Moore, Jerry Lee, Judy Marler, and the Jill Adamson’s family.

The choir did a speical.  Special Reading:  Sharon Marler- “Ruthie’s Run”- about friendship.

Appreciation was sent to the church from Jennifer Alexander who is battling stage 4 colon cancer.

Praise item:  Memphis Helsley and family visited today, and Memphis will be two tomorrow.

Birthdays:  Chelsie Jones, Libby Bowie, and Carrie Gwilliams.

Anniversary:  James and Carla Bates.  Children’s Church today with Virginia Serghides and Sandy Housley.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Becky Lercher (Stanley and Glenda Jones’ daughter) will be a guest singer in morning worship on September 30.  October 5- 6:00 p.m. Wright Co. Children’s Home Auction at the Norwood Gym.  Bro. Rick’s Sermon today:  John 19: 25-26.  “Woman-Behold Your Son”.   By this, Jesus meant, Mother, I am Your Son and Your Savior.  He gave examples of some of the memories that are important to mothers.  He also talked about the image of Jesus Christ.  He held up a popular picture of Jesus.  He felt that God had guided the artist’s hand when he painted the image of Jesus.  He said it doesn’t really matter about his image, but some things do matter, like the one image we have when we try to worship.  For example:  (1) a savior that was tortured and mistreated-this was a wonderful thing Jesus went through for all of us, (2) an image of Jesus on the cross, (3) an image of how the angels must have felt when Jesus died, (4) the image of the veil that was ‘rent’ so we could have access to God and come directly to him, and (5) an image of ourselves because we are the recipients of all of it.

Evening sermon:  Matthew 25: 14-21.  The Lord expects us to use the talents we are given, and everyone has been given different talents.    Bro. Rick encouraged each of us to see the good in others-brag on them, praise God for what they do, forgive them if they mess up (but don’t remind them of it), and be patient, kind and loving to each other.  That will glorify God.

Questions:  Bro. Rick Batten 417-683-5657 or 250-0918/ Shelby Housley 746-4743/ or Shelby Moore 746-4751.  VISITORS are always welcome.

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