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A good morning to all our readers. We hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend and enjoyed the day off work for the ones who did.

We send get-well wishes to all the sick, the ones in the hospitals and the nursing homes.

Our sympathy to all who have lost loved ones. May God bless you in your time of sorrow. Our thoughts are with you.

We also send greetings to all who have a birthday at this time. May you have a great day with many more to come is our wish to you.

This news from the desk of Fae Pruett. A nephew of Fae Pruett, Stanley Letterman, passed away this week. He was from Murray, Kentucky. He was also Dale Thomas’ brother.

On Saturday, September 1 a memorial was held in the activity room for the family of Edna Frye. A dinner was served for all who attended. Our hats are off to all who made that dinner possible.

On Sunday at two o’clock Pastor Tom came to share the word of God with us in the activity room. We sang some songs before the reading of God’s word. We always look forward to his visit. Check your calendar for the first Sunday of each month for his visit at two o’clock. Come and enjoy the afternoon with us.

I, Norma, received a phone call from Robin on Monday to check on me. It was good to hear from her and to know about the family and an update on Grandpa Miller. She said he had fallen. I hope he is better at this writing.

No other news so will sign off. Have a good week and stay happy and healthy. Jesus loves you.

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