Rainbow Ridge News

Tommy Roberts visited with Tom and Jewell Johnson last week. Tom and Jewell are still doing pretty well.

Norma Stillings attended the “Old Folks” Day at Mt. Tabor, Sunday afternoon. There were readings and songs that either laugh at the dilemmas of aging or speak in fond memory of the “good old days” around Mt. Tabor. The thing that made the “good old days,” good is that our mothers and dads, grandmas and grandpas, siblings and classmates were all still alive. We sometimes remember those people and the events that surrounded them with more fondness than we realized at the time.

In Norma’s case she still had her parents, Melvin and Juanita Rogers, her grandmother, Sarah Columbus Putnam, her best friend, Ruth Waggoner, when she entered her 50’s, so her good old days lasted for a long time. When people reminisce about things like carrying buckets of water, working in the hay field, cutting thistles, picking up rocks, and hoeing in the garden, it is not because they always liked doing those things, but because they are sort of proud that they had worked so hard. Most often those things were done with other family members who made it easier.

Gail Mitchell of Springfield drove to Ava, Monday to visit with Norma and Dan Stillings to go through some family history. They spent the day going through family records, census reports, land records, and cemeteries looking for and sharing information on the Rogers, Allen, Hartley, and Huffman families. They did take out time to eat at Ava Drug. Gail just recently started looking through the papers and pictures that her mother, Eula Rogers Ferguson, had put together. The work is just started.