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Rainbow Ridge

Tom and Jewell Johnson were blessed with visits from some very good friends during the past week. Tommy Roberts, Janice Keith, and R.E. Helsey had been to see them.

Norma Stillings played the piano at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, Saturday morning and then drove out to Tony and Linda Stillings’s Molasses Making in the rain. There was not as big a crowd as there would have been, but there was still a lot of folks sitting under the tin roof of a large shed listening to music. Some very fine musicians were there with guitars, mandolins, a banjo, a flat top guitar, a bass, a cello, fiddles, and excellent voices. There was at least one jig dancer.

There were several groups that had come out with crafts. BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) was there to raise awareness of efforts against child abuse. Apple butter was being made under a tent during the day. Different people took turns stirring the fragrant smelling, crushed apples. When it was finished it was put into jars, and immediately sold out. The freshly filled jars were very warm and felt good on that cool day.

Of course, there was a lot of wonderful food set out on picnic tables in the shed. Some of Tony and Linda’s pulled pork and if that was not enough there were hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and crock pots with brown beans, chili, and other good foods that country people like. But as always, the highlight of the day was when the sorghum molasses was taken off the fire. It was covered so that rain would not fall into the molasses and several men carried it carefully to the shed. Samples of this sorghum were given out with some hot biscuits to top off a good, but wet day.

Some of the farmers were saying that they had hay ready to be cut. None of them complained about the rains, but did express the hope that they would have some days of sunlight now in order to get that hay put up. A month ago it looked doubtful that there would be a cutting of hay or that the sorghum cane would “make” this year, but when the rains started coming, grass, hay, and sorghum cane just shot up. We should thank the Lord for answering our prayers for rain.

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