Rainbow Ridge

Lena Goss was a recent visitor in the home of Tom and Jewell Johnson. Tommy Roberts visited with them, Saturday.

Norma Stillings took her friend, Paulette Walls, to Springfield, Monday for a doctor’s appointment and a medical test. They ate supper in Springfield, because it was getting late when they finished.

Tuesday, Norma and her son, Dan Stillings, made a round of auto sales in Ava, Rogersville, and Marshfield. Then Friday, after figuring in all the factors they could think of like sale tax, cost of interest on a loan, warranties, distance to auto service, and cost of auto insurance, Norma settled on a car here in Ava.

Wednesday, Norma attended a long-term-care Ombudsman in-service in north Springfield. Andrea Bishop, Executive Director of Ozarks Counseling Center  discussed services that they offer and gave a short lesson on “Active Listening.” Dorothy Knowles, CEO of the Southwest Missouri Office on Aging discussed services available and changes to the Money Follow the Person Demonstration. Connie Payne and Pat Felton reported on quality of care issues presented at a conference that they had attended. They talked about pain management and the use of other methods in addition to or in place of medications. They had information on music therapy, and how to assess pain when the individual can not communicate well.