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9-20-12. Goodness gracious how time flies when you’re taking pictures and enjoying yourself. God must of put all of these little animals here for me to enjoy. I’ve always loved nature and I guess he knows it, but when I move into town I will have to leave all of them behind. How nice it will be to have my pictures to look at and remember. One little hummer is still here. Well, we thought just one, but Walt just now saw two out there fighting over the feeders. That’s bad enough, but there’s some kind of big black and white bees or something out there all the time chasing them off. Such lovely weather we’re having.

We went to the Cities and met Rob and Sharon for lunch. Then Frank Dee called and said our dear sweet friend Betty had passed. I was so sad to hear that. She was best friend and companion to Jeff Heatherly. Our thoughts and prayers are with him. I know it’s really hard on him. She helped him a lot with his health problems. We went to Muscatine yesterday and had lunch with daughter Anita. And of course Lisa was working so we got to visit with her too. Jacob is still working at his new job.

Well it looks like Autumn is right here upon us. I guess that accounts for the nice, cool weather we are having and the sunshine feels good and looks good now that it’s cooler.

We have an appointment with Josh at Lujack’s this morning to get the fuel injector services so I guess I better start getting ready to go. I’ve got a sinus infection like so many other people so I’m not moving around very fast.

So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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