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9-10-12. Hello again. We’re lucky right now with beautiful weather and more rain. Just under four inches in two rains and seventy degree weather. I hope it stays this way for a long time. We had a nice Saturday again.

We went to great-granddaughter, Zoie’s, 11th birthday party. It never seems like they can be that old when they have birthdays, does it? She’s at the age to be tall and slim the way I was when I was her age. Time sure changes most of us. I’m still tall five feet, eight inches of course that’s not tall at all in the modeling world. But I’m not in the modeling world. Now back to Zoie’s birthday party. It was at their house. She was really excited. She had three of her friends there who looked to be about her age. They were out in the front yard doing cartwheels and all kinds of things until time to open presents. She got quite a lot of money in her cards and she was excited about that and said she was going shopping the next day. She also got presents so she was pretty happy. After she opened presents we ate cake and ice cream and of course that was good. Zoie’s parents wee there and here grandparents from her Mom, Carrie’s family, her grandmother, Anita Kelly, great grandma, Faye Twitty, Walt Allison, her great-grandfather, Trevis Twitty, her Aunt Lisa and Joe, another aunt on her mom’s side, and lot of people I didn’t know. Someone had twin baby girls a few months old, and they just about stole the show. They were such cute little things while Anita was trying to get a volleyball game started. We left so I don’t know if she did.

Jared was riding his four-wheelr when we got there and later had to lay down because his back was hurting. I think he hurt it while riding. I saw him once when he was airborne. I hope he didn’t hurt it too bad.

We are getting ready to go to Bettendorf as he has to see his Army doctor at 8:30 a.m. so I better hustle.

So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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