Quad Cities

9-5-12. Good morning everyone.  We got one inch of rain early this morning with lightning, thunder and some wind.  We welcome the rain.  One day last week we went to Muscatine and got my great-grandson Jacob, stopped and ate lunch at the resturant.  Then we came on back here and Walt took him around back and held the ladder while Jacob patched the hole the mama coon tore in the edge of the roof.  It looks like he did a good job.  Now I hope the coon doesn’t tear a hole in there somewhere else when she gets ready to have babies again.  Then we took Jacob back home.  He was going to start a new job the next day at a company that makes dry ice.  So when we see him again we’ll ask him what all that involves.  I didn’t know it before but he said he’s buying the house where he lives from his dad.  He’s only 19 years old, so I think that’s pretty good.  I was thinking he was twenty.  I can’t seem to keep track of all the ages anymore.  Zoie’s birthday was September 2nd and I think she’s eleven, but I will find out for sure when we go to her birthday party this Saturday.  I don’t have very many birthdays and ages to keep up with, but Walt’s got 15 grandkids and greats, and we try to keep up with all their birthdays.  We went to Tipton on Saturday and I got my flu shot in Wal-Mart.  I wanted to get a shingles shot too, but she said they didn’t accept my insurance for that or the insurance wouldn’t pay for it or something.  That’s odd because I was goning get it at Walgreens in Milan, Illinois one time and they said it would only cost me $3.00 or a little over.  I had the papers filled out then remembered to tell them I had a sinus infection so they said I better wait until I was over that, then come back.  So when we go up there next week I will try to get it then.  I sure don’t want to get shingles again.  They’re ugly and can cause damage to your eyes and your hearing.  We’re  going to Tipton tomorrow, then on Monday we’ll go to his vet clinic in Bettendorf, Iowa and then probably rest one day then and to to the Illinois Quad Cities for him to do his monthly errands he has to do.  We stayed home over the weekend and his daughter, Berta came out on Monday and ate lunch with us.  We really enjoyed having her.  It was the first time we’d got to cook for anyone except ourselves for a long time.  She brought a chocolate chip cake and I made a carmel apple pie so we had good dessert.  After lunch Walt and Berta went out and shot some arrows and I took pictures of them.  I guess I take pictures of just about everything don’t I?  Berta hadn’t shot for a long long time, but she did good.  Walt still had her shooting glove and I think her arm guard and bow she used to shoot.  So it turned out to be a good day.  The weather is supposed to be cooler for the next days that show on the forecast.  It will seem good to be able to get outside and do things for a change.  Like shoot arrows and work on the flowers and just sit outside and take more pics of the hummers while they’re still here.  They will be leaving about anytime.  Of course they’re still waging war on each other.  The little red-neck hummer has got his spot on the rope closest to the house and he watches all the time for any others to come close to the feeders and runs them off.  Except he’s letting a little female sit about midway on the rope and a little male sit down on the other end close to the tree.  Maybe they’re his.  I don’t know if he even knows.  Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.