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8-27-12. Dear family, friends, relatives and people I don’t even know from near and far. It’s a good morning here at the farm. We got five inches of rain over the weekend. How nice. I guess it’s too late for the corn, but will be good for the beans, grass, etc.

We made our usual trip to Muscatine last Wednesday. We saw Lisa and her Grandpa Twitty. On Saturday they had a surprise birthday party for grandson, Jared’s wife, Carrie. It was her 30th birthday. We got to see their house and really like it. They have so much more room now downstairs and four bedrooms upstairs and a really big yard with pretty pine trees and it looks like a small park. Jared took Carrie and Zoie into the Quad Cities Saturday while Anita decorated the house with balloons and streamers and set the cake out on the table. It was really a nice cake.  It was made to look like a little forest with a blue lake and a family of coons on one side and family of porcupines on the other side then on the other side of the cake was a family of deer. The animals were little figurines and it had a lot of trees. It was cute. Her parents were there with her little nephew, a woman she works with, Anita, her dad Trevis, Jacob, Walt and I and of course Jared, Carrie and Zoie. It was a nice party. We were supposed to bring Jacob out here Sunday to try to fix that hole the coon made. We were to get him yesterday, but it rained all day so we will probably go get him one day this week.

Well, we planned to go to Tipton this morning and I’m running late as usual, so I guess I’ll let this be all for this time. So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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