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Oak Grove Church

This past Lord’s Day we were blessed with a first time visit from a new couple in our area, Mr. Tim Hammond and his lovely wife, Connie, who were a pleasure to have join us in worship.

After the Sunday School portion of our morning we were treated to special singing and time of testimony, followed by our morning worship service.

The message this week came from the text in Malachi 3 and gives us a fairly clear view, not only of the temple of that period, but of the church and our political elite, entitled; “Will Man Rob God.” This scripture addresses the folly and disrespect shown in the person of all who serve in a vain cause.

The evening service followed in a timely fashion, with our focus on “Hardness,” it’s causes and points of destructive witness, to those who do not have, his light and foundation, from the reference out of our text beginning in Exodus 8:15.

We still have a seat reserved for you, come and worship with us; and may the Lord keep you safely in his loving hands.

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