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Oak Grove Church

Once again the Lord blessed us by sending us the much needed rain, as the scripture tells us; “He is the God of the early and the latter rain.” We enjoyed another Sunday School lesson and worship service together, we would have loved for you to have been with us.

Our morning message was taken from Romans 2:1-16, entitled “God’s Judgment and Man’s.” His judgment always being good, right and true; ours, not so much! Many times simply because we are “stubborn and refuse to turn from sin…we store up terrible punishment for ourselves.”

After morning worship service we opened the church doors to new membership and were blessed to receive Brother Gary Martin and Sister Janet Martin as fellow workers in the cause of Christ and as members at Oak Grove. After which we gathered in the fellowship hall for coffee, bagels and cream cheese (several varieties of each), which were brought directly from a New England bakery for us, “You really should have been there!”

Our evening message was, “Things We Ought To Know. Taken from the sixth chapter of !st Corinthians, where over and over again we see in the passage, the question, “Do ye not know?” or “Know ye not?” In every case, there is no real reason we do not know, if we read and heed the instructions God has so graciously given us in His word.

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