Oak Grove Church

The Lord indeed is good, sending us our much needed rain and the hope of more to come, let’s all remember to thank Him.

Miss Tiffanee Satterfield and Mr. Forest Brooks did us the honor of having their wedding ceremony at Oak Grove this past Saturday and we know you will join us in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, they made a beautiful couple.

Our morning message this past Lord’s Day was from Philippians 1:12-23 entitled “For Me To Live Is Christ.” The selfless example of the apostle Paul. In this letter written during his first imprisonment in Rome, under threat of death, literally in chains, his only concern was the continued preaching of the gospel of Christ. What is “our” main concern?

The evening message was taken from another of Paul’s letters, the epistle to the church of Colossae. Our text was Colossians 4:2-18, and the title of the message was “Lost Letters.” With an emphasis on what we do, or fail to do with those we have.

Just a note, please join us in prayer that the funds for 1500 Bibles, translated in Spanish will be raised for our mission work in Honduras.

Come and join us in worship, your seat is still waiting for you to take it, and may God bless.