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Howdy, call me with any news, 746-1112. Friday is when I have to turn my news in, and it seems it comes so fast. I am so thankful for the positive response I get from the readers, our world is so negative that we really need to keep encouraging people every chance we get.

Congratulations to Ben McIntosh and Amanda Neal who were married on September 8. Ben is the son of Eddie and Brenda McIntosh and Amanda is the daughter of Deryk and Tresia Neal of Mansfield. They headed to St. Louis for their honeymoon.

Monday after school you may have seen the ambulance parked by the gym. They were called because of Taylor Bradshaw playing a little dodge ball and ended up with a dislocated ankle and broken leg bone. His mother says he is the most accident prone kid she ever saw. There goes his ball playing for his junior year. His folks are Rusty and Kathy Bradshaw. They will operate on Friday.

Mervin Kinsinger (that has the tire shop on E Hwy.) bought Gorman Bennett’s place. They had literally out-grown their house. The couple have 12 children.

Angela (Watts) Brown was taken to the hospital Monday evening and was admitted to have tests done, They said her potassium was very low.

They moved Leo Bradshaw up to the recovery room on the 7th floor of St. John’s Hospital.

We are glad to have Jim and Tabby Hurtt back with us in our neck of the woods. He has taken the pastor position at Oak Grove.

The Senior Dinner was September 11. Those attending were Ronnie and Janet Atchison, Linda, Denver, Shirley Cottengim, Joann Sanders, Bonita Raney, Joan Williams, Ruth Bradshaw, Delta Forrest, John and Shirley Shores, Jack Chadwell, Jr. and Alberta Steinert, Earlene Dennis, and Barbara Saladin. The next dinner will be Oct. 9 at the Union Grove Church.

Some people will do anything to try to have a few days of rest and relaxation. Just ask Christopher Miller. He works for the window factory and cut his arm, but he cut it worse than he thought. He’s back to work now, but he was laid up for a weekend. He also missed his skiing trip.

Our anniversaries this week are Gayle and Cindy Owens on the 17th, Ronnie and Denise Shores on the 19th, Penny and Carl Beason on the 20th, and Arie and April Wedge on the 21st.

To the citizens in the Norwood area, you need to watch your mail in the next couple of weeks for a letter from the post office itself, contacting you about the status of our post office. It is very important that you fill it out and send it back. It could mean the difference of having a post office or not.

Fun Facts: Bell and Company was a business started in 1914, owned by H.H. Bell. He was the dealer in flour, feed, meal, corn and hay.

Challenge: Set aside quiet time everyday.

Until next week God bless our little town.

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