Norwood Gleaning

Howdy. I can tell I’m getting older. When I grew up, the only people that talked about the weather were old folks and I guess I’m there. But I will have to say we got three inches of rain out on E Hwy. and appreciated every bit of it.

Sorry to hear that Leo Bradshaw isn’t doing very good. He went to the hospital last Friday and is still in the hospital at the time of this writing. Family members are taking turns staying up there with him.

I believe one of the worst calls you could ever receive is to hear that your child just passed away. Ray and Susie Kinsinger got a call Monday that their son Melvin fell from a barn roof. He would have been 39 on Thursday, Sept. 6. He just moved to Pennsylvania four weeks ago from Seymour and left a wife and eight children.

Sympathy to the George Smith family. He was a brother to Don Smith from Vanzant area. Don and Jenny Smith used to live in Norwood and George did years ago.

So good to hear from my cousin Tresia Smith this last week. Her and her husband Burt took off and went to Illinois to see our other cousin and attend a 50th party. She said the soybean and corn fields were real green up there.

There is three of us that are meeting at the sale barn and walking on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 8 a.m. It’s great support for one another. If you want to walk, come on and join us

We would like to say Happy Anniversary to Darrell and Luann Kochis on the 11th. Donnie and Jan Kelly and Jeff and Amanda Watts both are celebrating on the 14th, and Kim and Colby Allen will celebrate on the 15th.

Dates to remember, Sept. 15 on Saturday, 3 on 3 basketball tournament at Norwood gym. Games start at noon.

Fun Facts:

Here’s a fun fact for you. You could go into Bouldin-Ryan Furniture Company to buy a couch and chair and come home with a casket. This business was established in the fall of 1904 and was recognized leader in its line in the 1920’s. They carried a full line of furniture and home furnishings new and used. They also carried wallpaper, decorating materials and caskets and other funeral supplies.

Challenge: You can’t control the weather, but you can control the moral atmosphere which surrounds you.

If you have any news, please give me a call at 746-1112, and until next week, God bless our little town.