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Dan opened up in prayer then led the congregation in some songs. The children took up the penny march. Bro. Darrel taught a very good lesson from Luke. We sure enjoy his teachings. Rayonna and Rachael did a special as well as Dan, Janice and Sybil and Dan and Helen. Sis. Helen brought a very good message from Proverbs 4:13, Matthew 6:13-16, II Samuel 3:4 and John 8:12.

Bro. Billy Graham will be preaching Sunday and Sunday night.

We had another good service Sunday night. Sis. Helen brought another good message Sunday night from Mark 21:13, Mark 21:32-45 and Psalms.

Keep praying that God will send us the pastor He wants us to have. Pray for Marie Wilson and Lester Sanders and also pray for Bonnie Gambil.

Happy Anniversary to Darrel and Helen Webster who will be celebrating their 35th anniversary.

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