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Mt. Tabor Church

We began Sunday with singing and bringing our petitions before the Lord for our loved ones, friends and neighbors who are so in need of prayer. We’re thankful for those He has answered and appreciate the good rains He has sent our way.

Brother Ric read scripture and always has a very uplifting message for us and encourages us to keep trying to be the best we can be. Sunday evening we met at Sister Bessie Hall’s and had singing and fellowship.

Sunday evening we will have church singing, come to sing or play and enjoy refreshments following.

Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock were able to attend the wedding of their grand-daughter, Stephanie Jones and Josh Aschwedge, September 22, in Ozark. Wes and Pat Smith took her parents, joining Martin and Mary Ann’s other children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Mary Ann enjoyed seeing her sister, Sharon Keeling, of Independence, and her sister-in-law, Phyllis Hartley, of Springfield.

Ed and Kathy (Hathcock) Koca, of Greenfield, have a grandson, born to son, Adam and wife, of Joplin, named, Arwen, congratulations to them.

Those visiting Bessie Hall this past week were Jewell Elliott, J.C. and Vicky, Kim Clements, Jo Stephens, and Kay Hutchison. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Elliott also came by to show off Bessie’s great-great grandson.

Chestene Lietch, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Miller and Kalynn, and Carol Herd, enjoyed a fish fry, Saturday, at the home of Kenny Lietch, of Marshfield. There was lots of delicious food added by the visitors to go with the fish, which was the best part. Everyone enjoyed visiting friends and family, with approximately 70 attending.

We send our best wishes to Edythe Applegate, of Raytown.

James Elliott visited Tom and Jewell Elliott, Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Elliott and children visited the Elliotts, Thurday evening, after soccer.

Jewell Elliott was having cataract surgery, Tuesday afternoon, hopefully that will all go well.

Martin Hathcock visited Harold Hutchison, Tuesday afternoon.

Kristy Tackett spent Saturday night and Sunday morning with Harold and Kay Hutchison. Other visitors of the Hutchisons during the week were Dan and Kim Clements, Morgan, Dylan and Sarah Claussen.

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