Mt. Tabor Church

It was a good day to be in God’s house, good to have everyone  out. We have many to lift up in prayer, always remember the bereaved, the lost and those struggling, spiritually.

Brother Ric continued his message on God’s love, and how we should show that love to our Christian brothers and sisters, as well as the lost. Anything we do in His name brings glory to Him.

Several attended the visitation for our neighbor and friend, Ben Denney, Sunday evening. We appreciate everyone who helped with lunch for their family and attended the funeral at the church, Monday. Ben’s family was born and raised in this community, our sympathy to Mae and the family.

Donna Nichols brought Mae Cox to Old Folk’s Day, Sunday afternoon. Mae says Johnny and Sylvia are not doing too well.

Bessie Hall’s visitors this week have been James and Tammy Elliott, J.C. Hall and Vicky Burnett, Jewell Elliott, Jo Stephens, Kay Hutchison, Kim Clements, and Lisa and Jesse came by church to see her Sunday afternoon.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown and Jadon, took Grandma Myrl to see Paul Cox, Sunday afternoon.

Lisa Johnson and Jesse stopped by to see Tom Elliott, Sunday afternoon.  Tom and Jewell visited Albert and Doris Elliott, Sunday night.

Those visiting with Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock this past week have been Ronda Soto, Pat Smith, Diane Cheyney, Donita Porter, Brother Marvin and Fay Wray, and Jim Hathcock, who came and mowed their yard.

Dan and Kim, Morgan, Dylan and Sarah Claussen, all visited Harold and Kay Hutchison this past week.

Myrl Cox’s visitors lately have been Melanie Gray, Norma Bogart, Doris Bonner, Jeanne Cox and Garrett, Pat, Ronnie and Jadon.