Little Creek

Everyone is the thankful for the rainfall and cool weather.  The yards and pastures are growing lush green grass, a lovely contrast to the brown brittle we had for so long.

Our Sabbath was most enjoyable.  My sister Jean was noticeably absent from church because she never misses.  She has a painful case of shingles, even though she had the vacination.  Her doctor says it is the first time she has seen this happen.

My son brought the message again about including Jesus in all our plans with several scriptures supporting his message.

Kasey came as did Karen bringing my supper.  Greg barbequed ribs which were delicious and had potatoes.  I added a salad and tea and feasted “high on the hog.”  I appreciate my kids for thinking of me and sharing.  Ruth brought my dinner one day and Kasey brought deer stew another time.

Sue Hartgraves, Jean relayed your message.  Thanks, and yes I am thankful and amazed.  We never would have believed it would we?

Grandbaby, Paylie, visited Ruth and Burr during the weekend and was good in church.  She is very smart.

I’ve had several comments about my memories of wash day of my youth.  The ways of today are modern and easy when compared to those of only a few years ago.

Would those of you from my generation, as Tom Brokow called the greatest generation, ever have believed we would go from the party line to the smart phone which is seemingly attached to the hand or from mowing grass to smoking it, or how about 29¢ gas to nearly $4.00 per gallon.  Think about a conversation we would be familiar with and compare to listening in on one of our young ones talking of surfing the web or booting up or down loading and catching up on their e-mail, or getting on face-book.

We get used to the changing times but we do not necessarily like the changes and speaking for myself, I would not wish to learn how to use all the amazing new things appearing so fast.  It seems like the new is obsolete before it is even explored as newer and improved rapidly replace that which was new only a short time ago.  Everything seems to be accelerated and I’ve just given up on trying to keep up, way too mind bogglin’.

I’ll stop for now with the thought that life is a journey of discovery, but with more and more rest stops.