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God blessed us with a wonderful rain. Hazel Maggard could not of said it better. The rain has been a disaster for some and a blessing to others. Our hearts go out to those who got so much damage, but so thankful for what we received.

I don’t think I made mention of Betty Satterfield’s birthday. A large crowd attended. It has been a while back, but Happy Belated Birthday. May God grant you many more. Chloe Wolford called Junior and Betty Halcomb and Thelma Posey recently called Sybil Harvill. Betty, Thelma and Chloe are cousins to me and my siblings.

On Sunday 71 were attendance at Garrison Baptist Church. Little Miss Jena Guerin gave a birthday offering, she is so cute. Melany Stevens and her aunt, Bonnie Melton, sang a song and Lisa Ellison sang. Lisa is so good to help out. Bonnie brought a flyer from Pine Ridge Church where they are having a benefit. Rev. James Orick brought the message.

Sunday, September 9 – 80 was present at Garrison. This Sunday 50 came out. God blessed us with a good rain. We should have had a house full thanking Him. Lisa Ellison and grandson, Wyatt, sang. Our regular piano player and hubby was in Hot Springs, Arkansas celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss. James and me wish Brett and Melany Stevens lots more.

Rev. Dennis Downs brought the message one evening at Garrison recently and last Sunday night preached at Mt. Olive.

Connie Siler has been on vacation. They enjoyed the Siler family reunion at Buck Creek.

September 23rd 71 was present at Garrison Church. One soul was saved. God blessed James with two good messages over the weekend.

Saturday night, September 22 a benefit for Gus Coombs really did well. Sunday his wife is having to have surgery. He was in an auto accident.

Juanita Powell and son, Jerry, visited Jerry Nelson Sunday.

Friday James and I visited at Iona Maggard’s.

Visitors of Sybil Harvill were her brother, Junior Halcomb and sister, Linda Orick. I visited Junior and Betty, her children and grandkids are always visiting. She sees her brother, Rex and wife, Shirley Halcomb on Sunday mornings. James and I recently visited Rex and Shirley.

Iona Maggard attended Mt. Olive’s singing Saturday night. It is every Fourth Saturday night of each month.

Rosa Robbins and Phyllis Bloomer visited Janie Morrison. Monday, September 24 Phyllis and Janie’s daughter, Rhonda, and Janie are going on a train ride for Janie’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Janie!

September 17th – Gordon Jones had a bad fall, didn’t have any broken bones. We visited them. He was at church this Sunday. Monday we sat with Tom Stevens as his wife, Fay, had surgery. Her twin sister was there. She spent several days with Fay after she got out of the hospital. We visited Claudine Strener who also was in the hospital.

September 9 – my brothers, Junior and wife, Betty Halcomb and Rex, and wife, Shirley Halcomb and my sister, Sybil Harvill, joined us at Garrison Church for my 60th birthday. I received some funny cards and other birhtday cards from my family. And nice gifts from James and my family and a friend at church. Garrison Church had ice cream and cake and love offerings and a nice card that Sunday night. So 60 wasn’t so bad after all. Glad God allowed me 60 maybe He will grant me many more. It sure was nice to be in church with my family. I appreciate you all coming and love you all. And to all that remembered me.

Have a good weekend. Remember God loves you and you are always welcome at Garrison Church.

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