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Not much news to write, but I’ll try anyway.

Maybe some showers later this week, everything has sure greened up and growing, but it’s about time for a frost.

We had good services at Prior on Sunday. Macy gave a birthday offering. She is 10 years old, also Norma and Bill Jarrett had an anniversary.

I talked to Shirley Chandler Sunday evening by phone, she was doing okay, but her brother, Chester Smith had had a stroke. He is in Cuba now with Bob and Linda Smith.

Chris Hartzell and a friend Lucinda (who was visiting Chris from San Francisco) visited on Saturday a week ago with Ann Collins.

Carol Wise and her grandson, Riley, are moving to Mountain Grove from Springfield this week.

Ann Collins and I visited a while with Karen and Doug Frederick Saturday evening.

Dean Scherer had to go to Poplar Bluff yesterday (Monday) for a check up, Bertha Scherer and River went with him.

Oh yes River, we appreciate you, you are a good “cooker” (as my little great granddaughter, Lauryn says) you cooked us a good hot dog Sunday. Ann and I stopped on our way home from church.

Maybe some of the leaves are going to be colorful, several yellow and red colors are beginning to show up.

Until next time, take care and God bless.

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