As cool as it was this morning, perhaps our long hot summer is over.  We got another inch of rain late Friday evening, it is amazing how everything has greened up.

Karen and Doug Fredrick spent Labor Day weekend in Algonquin, Illinois visiting his paternal grandmother, Alberta Fredrick, she was 91 years old August 10th and still lives alone.  They also visited his dad and Nita while up there.

Ann Collins and I recently spent a morning visiting Bertha Scherer, Dean was brush-hogging.  She had beans and ham cooking in the crock pot.  She made cornbread and we ate dinner with them, it sure was good.

We had several more out for church Sunday.  We had good services.

Karen and Doug Fredrick, Rita Bradshaw and Rita’s mother, Marie all had a late lunch Sunday with Sirena, Jared, Cole and Izzy Bradshaw.

Just talked to a nephew Gary LeRoy in Chanute, Kansas, he has cancer and was feeling pretty low today.

Chris Hartzell returned home yesterday after spending a week in San Francisco visiting friends, she flew out and back.

Birthdays in September, some have already passed, Hayden Snodgrass sas one on the 3rd, Jimmie hurst had a birthday the 4th, Bailee Snodgrass the 7th, Andy Daugherty the 8th, Cheryl Sartor the 10th, Karen Collins the 13th, Bennie Hurst the 23rd, David Griffith the 24th and Billy Hurst the 28th.

Till next time, God bless everyone.  Get well wishes to the sick and sympathy to those who have lost loved ones.