Well what an awesome day this has been.  I just stop and thank the Lord for all the blessing.

We’ve been having really good services at Frye Church.  Last Sunday after services, we all went to Haskins Ford and Roger helped Bro. Jeff baptize six of our friends and neighbors.

Then today we had another good service.

Ethan and I had just gotten home from church and had a bite to eat and was watching the ball game when Randy and his family came and spent the afternoon. Then Roger, Levi and Randee Jo and some of Ethan’s friends came.  So you see this has been a really good day.

Michael Shaun called as he does every Sunday evening.  We had a really good visit via phone.  He knows that I’ve been praying for him for a long time and when he tells me, “we got up and went to church today,” all I could say was “thank you Lord” for answering another pray for me.  Michael still misses his mama very much.  So we have to step in and fill that empty spot as much as we can, but no one can take Mom’s place.  He has Jennifer and the three little ones that are the love of his life so he’s kept very busy.

My goodness I surely do enjoy reading Ms. Ruby’s Little Creek items.  It sure does bring back memories of when we were young gals.  In the drought years of ’53 and ’54 , me and my sister had to draw water up out of an old dug well to water the milk cows.  Oh don’t get me started, there’s no stopping place.

Well these kids just came in and of course they’re hungry.

Levi said hopefully next time I write items he’ll have a good deer story to tell.

So on that note we’ll sign off for this time.

Keep praying for our military, our leaders, the sick and lonely.