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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hello I hope you are having a wonderful week. My garden is finally slowing down. It’s funny we hope and pray for an abundant garden with lots of produce and then glad when it quits producing so much so the work load lets up. We are hard to please aren’t we?

Donald was about to get his self in trouble Sunday. You see we always have a time when the adults ask a question and leave it for people to find during the week. Donald asked the question who called his wife a heifer. We worried that he was talking about his self and that he was not going to get any dinner cooked for him the rest of the week, but it really is in the Bible. You can learn something every time you attend church and listen to the word of God.

Sunday night was youth night and we watched another movie. This movie was called The Grace Card. It was pretty good and had a good message to it. After the movie we had several gather at the altar for prayer.

If you do facebook, check out Eastern Gate on there. We now have a place on there and there will be Bible verses and what is going in at our church. It will be a  good way to keep up with what is going on with us on our mountain.

Violet has been feeling well enough to attend church and so glad she is doing better. We did hear that the other half of Donald, his twin brother, Ronald, had a spell and hope he is doing better.

I got to keep two of my grandkids Saturday afternoon, for a few hours, Braxton and Alexis. We got to play and color. It seems they just grow up too fast, I don’t have any little babies any more. Sunday afternoon I went to the nursing home and visited with my family. Mom had the sniffles, but was glad to know that she was getting to play some cards this week. Bob was not feeling very well, and was in bed, Aunt Maxine was also resting in bed. The Sandy Church was there and Angie was listening to them. I guess everyone is going to have to get adjusted to the change of weather.

We are really enjoying these cooler days. God was so good to make seasons for us. He knew that we needed a change every so often. Every season has its own special offering. God offers us everything we need for our lives, if we will just let Him lead us and do what He commands. He will supply all our special needs.

Til next time, take care….God loves you.

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