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Dogwood Ramblings

Have you ever heard the old song I’m My Own Grandpa?  It was quite the hit many, many years ago.  Cute as it is, the tale it tells is a bane to genealogists.  Today, with multiple marriages that result in multiple siblings with different fathers and mothers, numbers of half-siblings through successive marriages, one simply cannot keep track without a score card.  And of course, there are the children in single parent households, children with multiples of half-siblings all with different fathers.  I do not believe that this was in His plan and sometimes I wonder what He thinks about giving us free will.  These occurrences are not just in the low economic strata of our nation.  They are happening in families well off financially.

I was recently reminded of the Manson Clan – for you younger ones this was a cult in California that followed Charles Manson and under the influence of drugs and blatant immorality murdered actress Sharon Tate and guests at her California home and the LaBianca family nearby.  These horrific murders were just because they were there and Charles Manson was fulfilling his distorted fantasies about taking over the world by manipulating others, telling them he was the messiah.  You think this couldn’t happen here?  Wrong.  Such vile acts can happen anywhere.  Charlie was the misbegotten, unwanted and unloved son of a woman of the streets, incarcerated most of his life, where he learned unspeakable things.

Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkle were the three women of the Manson Clan who were convicted of these murders along with Charlie and Charles (forget his last name, a young man from Texas).  I worked at the prison in California where the women were incarcerated.  For years, once a month, each of these women spent time in my office awaiting their turn to be seen by the psychiatrist.  No, I can’t say I knew them but, their files were in my hands and I typed up the reports about them.  In later years, these women claimed to have been saved, to have found Christ.   Susan has passed away and the other two have so far not received parole.

God bless, be well, and be aware of everything around you.

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