Church of the Living God

Starting off with “Praise God for the rain.”

Sunday a.m., there were a host of prayer requests, Missy, Terry B. and Sherry R., Don and Ruby Graham, Marvin Graham, Colleen, unspoken, Linda R., John and Ariel and Eva.

Sunday morning’s special singing was by Linda R. and Brockie, Makela and her little brother and Linda P.

The morning message was in Luke 2:40-49.  I must be about my Father’s business,” Jesus as a young boy of twelve told his parents this.

Don’t go to church just for the custom or the habit of it, “Be about your Father’s business.”

Sunday evening service was uplifting.  Bro. Gary used Matthew 25:14-30, this is the parable of the talents.  We are all given talents, do we use them to the best of our ability or do we just bury them or do we use them so they can multiply and be a source of uplifting to those around us?

We are at the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th St.  Come by and try us out, good preaching and singing, and the Holy Spirit is always welcome.

Thought to think on, “you can’t stand in one place and go forward for God.”