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Wednesday night message from Chad E. was on judging our fellow man. We are quick to condemn our fellow man and not even realize what we are doing and saying. We are told to judge not, condemn not. Forgive and we shall be forgiven. Help people up when they stumble and fall, give a helping hand and a kind word. Chad’s other scriptures were found in Matthew 7:1, I Thess. 5:21 and Gal. 6:10 which says when we have the opportunity let us do good unto all men.

September 2, Sunday morning many prayer requests were spoken and we know God hears and deals with everyone. Prayers were for Missy B., Don G., Norma J., John and Lauren, military men and women and Michael Marah.

The pastor and Bevy were in Norwood. Gary had been asked to be a part of Michael Marah’s ordination ceremony. Michael is a fine, young man, whom God has called to preach. We pray for God’s divine hand and blessing on him.

Michael was one of the youth who used to come to our church and has preached some fine messages here.

Bro. Marvin Graham brought God’s word to us this morning. His scripture was the 23rd Psalms. We all know the words to that. Bro. Marvin said and there are so many promises contained in verse one through six.

Bro. Marvin is fighting some seious health problems, but he stated fear thou art with me.

One thing he said he was going to do when he got to Heaven is run barefooted down the streets of gold. I bet that will feel good on his feet.

Praise the Lord Bro. Marvin, you will run those streets of gold.

Bro. Michael’s message was in Matthew 7:21 which tells us not everyone that says, Lord, Lord shall enter into heaven.

It behoves us to labor, pray and seek God’sface and be ready when he calls our name.

Thought – “Don’t pray for God to guard your path if you won’t move your feet.”

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