Breedon News

Isn’t this weather nice.  It really feels like we are headed into fall now.  Wilma Hampton said her cousin, Tony Stillings, will be making molasses next Saturday, Sept 15.  That will really put everyone in the mood for biscuits to eat with fresh molasses and butter.  I can’t wait for the craft festivals to start too.

My Mom made it home from the hospital finally and Dad is glad to have his partner back.  I hear Tena Johnson made it home too and so did George Welker.  Everyone pray for their speedy recoveries.

Breedon will hold it’s monthly singing this Friday night, Sept. 14.  Come if you can, and bring a covered dish.  It’s always a good time and good singing.  In Sunday School we have started the book of Romans which is a letter Paul wrote to the church in Rome.  In the first couple of chapters Paul warns that judging others who have sinned makes us just as guilty as if we had committed the sin.  He also explains that we should belong to God in our hearts and not just in our outward actions or appearances.  To me, Sunday school is the best part of church.  We laugh and cut up, have great discussion, and the lessons really sink in. When your going thru the daily grind of life, it’s easy to get busy and forget how we should act.  Following God’s plan makes our lives so much happier and keeps us out of trouble.  The more time we spend talking about it and learning about it, the better we remember to live it day to day.  So, if you haven’t been to Sunday School in a while feel free to jump back into it.  You’ll be glad you did.

Cub always says the Bible is the oldest book but it is also the newest.  It seems like we can read it over and over and find something new all the time.  That’s what makes it good for finding trivia questions.  Last time the question I put in was, “What is the one thing in heaven that was man-made?”  and the answer is “nail scarred hands.”  The question for next time came from Ronnie Thomas. “What king trusted the Lord like none before him or none after him?“  I’ll give the answer next time.