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9-23-12. The Sunday school lesson today was Romans, chapter 4. Today is the Fourth Sunday Singing. We have had so much sickness. We sure missed Danny, Michelle and Sammy Lee. Let’s remember them in prayer. Also include the Holly and Tina Johnson families and George Welker and his family. God can turn this all into a blessing and I pray His loving, comforting and healing hand touch all of these mentioned as well as those I might not know of. We had congegational singing in spite of a lot of coughs and hoarse voices. The Bible said to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord” and that is just what we did although mine was more like a bullfrog croak.

Bro. Cub was given the sermon from St. John, chapter 12 beginning with the 44th verse to the end of the chapter. Jesus is giving us the words that God our Heavenly Father gave to Him. These are words of assurance of eternal life if we believe in Jesus. For if we believe in Him, we believe in our Almighty God. There is no reason to abide in darkness. Jesus tells us that if we don’t believe He will not judge us because He didn’t come to judge, yet there is one that will do the judging and that is the Almighty, all sovereign God. He will say enter into peace and paradise or He will say, “cast him who rejected His Son Jesus into the everlasting torment of hell and fire that will not be quenched, never ending torment.

My prayer and all of us believers pray sinner friend that you will come to believe and accept Jesus into your heart. You can be freed from eternal torment and live in everlasting peace forever and ever.

Next Sunday night, September 30th, will be the Fifth Sunday Singing. Some thought it was at Red Bank and some thought it was at Pleasant Ridge. Contact Michael Peebles, Les Hallmark or Carl Wray to get the correct location.

God bless you all real good and have a blessed week.

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