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Bethany Baptist Church

The Ladies met for their Bible Study last Thursday morning. The subject of study was “Move in the Power of God.”

Several members of the church came Saturday morning for a church “work day.” The kitchen got a new sink installed. One of the class rooms and the men’s bathroom got new paint. All this was done in addition to the regular vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning, to get ready for the Mission Conference that starts next week.

We are looking forward to having the Nelson Family singing for us on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, September 26 and 27. Lisa, Lana, and Laura are the daughters of the late Larry and Ruth Nelson of Clinton, Arkansas. The Nelsons have sung in churches and folk festivals in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri for years. Larry passed away just this year and the girls are continuing with that ministry.

Lisa Nelson plays the piano, accordion and does vocal harmony. Lana Nelson plays bass, guitar and does vocals. Laura plays guitar, autoharp, bass, mandolin, and does vocals. Altogether they make good music.

Joe and Pat Banks are celebrating a wedding anniversary this week. Joe likes to mess around with John Deere tractors and Pat does machine embroidery and sewing projects. They are both well loved at this church.

Norma Stillings sang a solo, Sunday morning. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a mission minded message on keeping a strong home base.

Every missionary that sets out to obey the Great Commission, must have strong, secure, and solid churches supporting them. In order for a church to be strong, it must have every church member working, praying and giving. Success depends upon having a unified team effort. The failure of any member to do his part can result in the failure of the mission. Every member needs to pray because what God does he does in answer to prayer. Give money, give time, and give talents in faith believing that when we give to God, he gives back to us. Every member needs to be committed to the Lord’s command. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

The Young Women N Christ meet every Monday evening after school with Darlene Sorensen for some food, fellowship, crafts, and a good devotion.

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