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Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening you can expect to see Joe and Linda Wood drive up to the church’s wheel chair ramp. Someone goes out with a wheel chair and helps Tom Hawkins come in. Tom Hawkins is a resident at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center and a member of Bethany Baptist Church. Tom is also an ordained minister who occasionally brings messages to the folks at the church.

Tom has had a ministry at the Heart of the Ozarks for several years since and during the time that his mother had been a resident there. He speaks at a Saturday morning worship each week at 10:30 after a music service that starts at 10:00. Tom also does a Bible study during the week.

Tom Hawkins was a member of Mound Fundamental Baptist Church on T Highway and faithfully attended church there until he moved to the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center. Tom is president of the Resident Council, is active in activities at the Heart of the Ozarks, and does a lot of “Folk Art” with wooden pieces. He has made replicas of churches, mills, houses, and the old Mound school.

We at Bethany Baptist Church are pleased to claim Tom Hawkins as a friend.

The congregation sang “Happy Anniversary” to Pastor and Darlene Sorensen who celebrated their wedding anniversary this week.


The Youth Choir sang Sunday morning before Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message from Luke 11:1-13 on “Learning How to Pray.”

There are three principles of effective prayer: worship of the Heavenly Father, prayer for ourselves, and prayer for others. Worship of the Heavenly Father recognizes his greatness, his holiness, and states our agreement with his will and purpose that all mankind should be saved for his kingdom. Praying for ourselves involves recognizing that God is the day by day Provider of all our physical and spiritual needs. The greatest need we have is for forgiveness of sin which is dependent on our attitude of forgiveness of other. Having trusted that God will supply all our needs, the bulk of our prayer time should be for others especially for their souls. Jesus said that if we ask, and seek, and knock with an intensity of heart, our prayers would be answered.

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