Bethany Baptist Church

The Young Women N Christ met Monday afternoon at Bethany Baptist Church with Darlene Sorensen. They have a devotion time, a snack time, and time working on crafts.

Pastor and Darlene Sorensen and their daughter, Sally, attended a Family Reunion in St. Louis over the weekend. Bro. Bob Helms spoke Sunday morning in the absence of Pastor Bob Sorensen.

Bro. Bob Helms is a retired grocery store worker and former pastor. Bob and his wife, Peggy, live at Tecumseh in Ozark County. They drive 43 ½ miles to come to church on Sunday mornings. They attend faithfully except when health issues or winter roads prevent them doing so. The people at Bethany Baptist welcomed Bob and Peggy into the membership a few years ago after he had retired for health reasons after pastoring thirteen years in Gainesville.

Prior to his retirement, Bob worked twenty-nine years for Safeway Stores. Part of that time, it was the largest supermarket chain in the United States. Bob and Peggy started out in Arkansas and lived and worked in Minnesota, Texas, and Missouri.

Bro. Bob preached on a phrase in Job 19:28 on “The root of the matter.” Job’s “friend,” Bildad, had suggested that Job was a hypocrite who had forgot God. Bildad compared Job’s hope to a tree whose roots were wrapped around a rock heap and whose leaves and branches have dried up and dropped off for lack of water. His only evidence for supposing that Job was a sinful hypocrite was the fact that Job had lost all his fortune and his children in one day. Job in answering Bildad gave testimony, “I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand in the latter day upon the earth…. Whom I shall see for myself.” Sink or swim Job cast his soul in the hands of his Redeemer. God later rebuked those “friends.” Rather than persecute Job, they might had realized that part of religion is to cheer the faint hearted. Rather than judging a friend, and assuming that he has gotten what he deserved, we might be more gentle.