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Your body can’t function at its most basic level without ample amounts of water.  Drinking a glass or two of water before a meal can help portion control.  Staying properly hydrated is the only way we can effectively purge our bodies of toxins.  People with chronic constipation are more likely to experience numerous diseases from diabetes to colon cancer.  Sweating may be embarrassing sometimes, but it is a necessary function, since it regulates and cools your body temperature.  Water lubricates your joints so you can move easily and it hydrates your muscles to prevent cramping.  Water has zero calories and can have a positive effect on your health.  So, seniors, DRINK UP!  At least eight glasses a day.

In the fall, you can find nutrient-rich foods from your local growers market, grocery stores and home vegetable gardens.  You can get vitamin B6 from turkey, fish, beans, whole grains, potatoes, and bananas.  Vitamin B12 is found in fish, poultry, beef, pork, fortified cereals, milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs.  You can get vitamin C from red peppers, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, broccoli, cauliflower, winter squash, tomatoes, cantaloupe, cabbage, and potatoes.  Vitamin D is found in egg yolks, salmon, tuna, liver, milk, fortified orange juice, cereal, margarine and at least 15 minutes of sunlight each day.  Iodine can be found in seaweed, shellfish, yogurt, milk, bread, eggs, and iodized salt.  To get your iron you can eat lots of beef, turkey, tuna, beans, bread, and cereal.  The real foods are better for you than the bottled vitamins.

Our menu for this week includes:  Monday, October 1—Biscuit, gravy, sausage, potatoes, and fruit.  Tuesday, October 2—BBQ beef, savory potatoes, pork and beans, cake.  Wednesday, October 3—Bone-in chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, bread, fruit.  Thursday, October 4—Beefy noodles, Harvard beets, biscuit and cookie.  Friday, October 5—Pork loin, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, green beans, pudding.

The Tai Chi exercise classes have been canceled until further notice, but our other activities for the week include:  Monday—OATS bus to Springfield.  Tuesday—DCCA board meeting, line dancing at 1:30, pitch tournament.  Wednesday—OATS bus to Ava.  Thursday—Driver’s exam in basement, Douglas County Health Department blood pressure clinic at 9:30.  Friday—OATS bus to Ava.

Until next week, have a good one!

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