Ava Senior Center

Senior, for a more healthy heart, get active.  Extra weight does serious damage to your heart.  Try a 20-minute walk every evening.  Limiting saturated fats and trans fats will produce more good (HDL) cholesterol in your body.  Eat at least 41/2 cups fruits and vegetables each day, fish twice a week and whole grains every day.  Watch your salt intake and no more than 450 calories a week of sugar-sweetened beverages.  Stop smoking.  Going smoke-free not only can help prevent heart disease and stroke, but also cancer and chronic lung disease.  People with blood types A, B, and AB had a higher risk for coronary heart disease during a 20-year study, when compared to those with blood type O.

Our menu for this week includes:  Monday, September 24—Chili, crackers, peanut butter sandwich, carrot salad, ice cream.  Tuesday, September 25—Beef and noodles, Harvard beets, biscuit, cake.  Wednesday, September 26—Meatloaf, baked potato, creamed peas, jell-o with fruit.  Thursday, September 27—Cheeseburger, savory potatoes, fruit.  Friday, September 28—Ham ‘n beans, O’Brian potatoes, stewed tomatoes, cornbread, sherbet.

Activities include:  Monday—Tai Chi exercise class 10:30.  Tuesday—Line dancing 1:30, OATS bus to adjoining county.  Wednesday—OATS bus to Ava.  Friday—Tai Chi exercise class 10:30, OATS bus to Ava.

With five games and five tables the pitch winners were announced:  Max Decker (231), Sue Pool (205), and Willene Adams (204).  Imagine a school superintendent knowing how to play pitch!  I guess it wasn’t all study in college.

We appreciate the retired teachers for coming and eating with us today and for the music by The Heritage Singers.

We also appreciate the tomatoes and green bell peppers.

Until next week, have a good one!