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Bonnie Phipps said her and Cecilia went to church Sunday and she was doing okay.

George and Violet Blakey stopped by last Monday and picked up their eggs and before they left I gave George his birthay card and gift eleven days early.

Nina Carter stopped by that evening and picked up some bread on her way home and then I went to my O.E.S. meeting where we elected new officers for the coming year.

Mary Martha will be our new Worthy Matron, Tom Williams Worthy Patron, Doris Morrison Association Matron, Michael Bock Association Patron, Gina Hawkins Association Conductress, Carol Moore Conductress, Connie Bacorn Secretary, Sally Prock Treasurer.

Tara dropped Jett off last Tuesday morning and then later on that day Imogene Madewell stopped by and I gave her an anniversary gift for her and Clifford.

James came that evening and took me and Jett over to the ballpark so we could watch Lakota play ball. Jett came back to my house Wednesday, that evening we didn’t have Bible study.

My brother, Bernie Simmons, had neck surgery and made it through it okay. When I talked to him Saturday he was in lots of pain.

I did some baking on Thursday for Sunday dinner.

I received 1.1 inch of rain last week in my rain gage.

Friday I went to town and took some eggs in and filled up with gas. Charlotte Bock had her knee operated on Friday and made it through the operation okay.

I made apple butter Saturday, It didn’t make to much, but I didn’t have that many apples.

Sunday after church I went over to Anita Smith’s to Chesnea Blakey’s birthday. We ate a real good dinner then Chesnea opened her gifts and then we had her to blow out her candle which had a big seven then we had cake and ice cream.

During our Sunday night service at Mt. Tabor we all went up to Bessie Hall’s and sung songs and she joined in with us.

Next Sunday night is our Fifth Sunday Singing so everyone is welcome to come and sing with us and refreshments will be served afterwards.

Let’s keep those prayers going for all our sick folks because some are still in the hospital and others that have been still need those prayers.

My prayer and sympathy goes out to all the ones who have lost a loved one.

Let’s keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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