Kaylynn Todd and Alaya, Courtnie Vigessa, Wylie and Weslee came down Friday to visit with their Grandmother Bonnie Phipps before Courtnie and family had to go back to North Dakota .

Those having dinner with Bonnie that day was Kaylynn, Alaya, Courtnie, Wylie, Weslee, Cecilia, Roy and Linda Sue.

Bonnie said that Alaya and Weslee was already cutting teeth, Wednesday the two of them will be five months old, time sure does fly.

Jo Stephens went over to the Nursing Home last Monday and saw Pauline Schauffler and had a good visit with her.

Mark and James stopped by last Tuesday and visited and then that evening Anita Smith dropped by and visited.

We had Business meeting at Mt. Tabor that night and after it was over we had Bible studay and those present was Nina Carter, Martin Hathcock, Jewell Elliott, Kay Hutchison, Rick Engelhardt and Hellen Blakey.

Thursday I went in earlier and took eggs into town before I dropped my car off at Jim’s Body Shop to have my wheels lined  up and to get the chip in my windshield fixed.

Friday rain I had .9 of an inch in my gage, John Stephens got one inch so I bought me a new rain gage and now I will see if my old one was leaking.

Saturday I went down to the White River Valley Electric meeting and I met Monica at Walnut Shade and went  with her on to the meeting, when I came back I stopped by Bessie Hall and visited with her and Jewell before I came on home.

Tom and Mary Martha Williams, Marie Dickey, Carol Moore, and Doris Morrison all went to the Past Matron and Past Patron and when they got there only Adna Jones was there so they just ate and came home.

I was sorry to hear that Ben Denney had passed away. His families and friends all have my prayers and deepest sympathy.

Sunday afternoon at Mt. Tabo’r Church was our OLD FOLKS DAY and we had 37 there, 32 were what old folks day was for and the rest was younger, the last prize that was passed out was a clock donated by Billy Long and I got it, I think it is the most beautiful clock I have ever seen, thanks Billy.

We had a wonderful time as we always do but we missed Tom and Jewell Johnson who have always been there.

Ben Deeney funeral was this Monday at Mt. Tabor Church.

Let’s keep our sick folks in our prayers because some will be going to the doctor and others will have an operation this month.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to the Ben Denney family and all the others who have lost aloved one.

Let’s keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.