“For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish,” Psalms 1:6.

Last Saturday we had a good rain and with it was a storm. After the storm I thought I would go outside to see the damage, but the neighbor’s bulldog wouldn’t let me so I waited until the next morning.

School has started so remember to pray for the bus drivers, school teachers, the cooks and the students that everyone try to get along.

Gary and I visited his mother, Maxine Turner and David Tuesday after we voted.

Saturday afternoon Gary and I went to Longrun and visited Rayford and Freda Clayton. That morning Wilford, Rose and Parker Clayton had visited them. Freda is improving in her health. Freda told me Lena Brown had been in the hospital a few days.

Sunday night after I got home from church I went to Ava to drive my son-in-law, Paul Johnson, to the hospital. Honie went too. On Friday, Paul had removed a splinter from the 4th finger on the right hand. An infection and blood poisoning had set in. I got back home at 3:00 on Monday morning.