With some moisture grass is green again and is a welcome sight. Maybe fall weather will be much better than the past summer. The rain showers Sunday night and cloudy skies Monday began a recovery from the dry months of June, July and August 2012. Maybe the fall colors will come soon and not all brown and dead trees in sight.

Belated 60th anniversary wishes to Bobby and Imogene Grisham on August 11. Their daughter, Greta, gave them a very nice celebration at the Golden Corral and Imogene celebrated her birthday July 30th. Prayers are in her behalf for her health to improve.

Mearl and Beulah Satterfield and I shopped in West Plains Tuesday afternoon. We met Dan and Arreaun Moody as they were grocery shopping also.

There were 26 friends and relatives who came to Irene Corps’ 86th birthday celebration, and attended church with her at Dawt Church of Christ. Friends and fellow soldiers of Irene’s son, Jerry, who served in VietNam came, her daughter, Cecilia, and husband, Jack Stone, were among the group as they all had the get-together dinner at Ryan’s in West Plains. Irene spent a weeks visit in Wichita in July with Joyce Hunt, and enjoyed the time there.

I’m lucky to have a nephew, Warren Moody, who brought me paw-paws from his Mom’s tree, and we are fortunate that it is alive and bearing fruit. There were other trees, but most are gone now. Not everyone likes them as well as I do. In years past we had trees on our creek place, and gathered lots of paw-paws.

I enjoyed Tommy Roberts Douglas County Museum column last week in the Ava Herald paper. Also Norma Stillings column each week.

Lilly Ridge Church is looking forward to a fall revival the first week of October with Evangelist, Zack Williams of Mountain Grove. All area churches and congregations are invited each evening at 7:00 p.m.

Lilly Ridge Extension Club meets September 6th, the first Thursday of the month as our meeting date was changed from the third Thursday the past year. Karen N. Davis (Mrs. Ed) is club president. I believe we have 19 “dues paying” members from Phoenix to New Jersey.

The Lilly Ridge Cemetery caretakers is keeping graves filled and this season has been so hot and dry there has been very little mowing to be done.

Sympathy to families who lost loved ones recently. Among those from the Caulfield are are Bill Hollifield and Roy Ed Johnston families.

Rendering her nursing and caretaking skills Elaine Baldwin is helping her sister-in-law, Ernestine Gaddy, while she recuperates from foot surgery. Best wishes to them.

More news next week.