We had a good rain shower Saturday night and need more. The drought has caused oak trees to die along with others and shrubs, grass and other vegetation.

I had a phone conversation with Geneva King, in Hollister, who is 96 years old.

My daughter, Kristin Luebbert, of Lindsborg, Kansas spent two months with me and is now in her 2nd year of nursing at Hutchison, Kansas to obtain her RN degree in 2013. She had a July 16th birthday, after planning the celebration June 30th for me and her sister, Karen K. Davis, had her July 29th birthday also.

She was employed at Bullseye a convenience store in town and made new friends and saw lots of old friends also.

Lee, Theresa and Carlyn Bridges from Kansas City spent last weekend with Ernestine Gaddy and attended church at Lilly Ridge.

Lilly Ridge Extension Club will host the DOW (three county) Ocotber 16 Achievement Day at the Tecumseh Firehouse.

We appreciate gardeners, Shane Pendergrass and Jeri Miller, for okra, tomatoes and peppers. Mearl and Beulah had deer to eat off all the Irish potatoes as they were blooming at their home here. But at their new place near Sparta deer aren’t around to devour their vegetables as there is less timber around there.

The Farm Bureau annual meeting will be at Hoerman Memorial Park at noon Saturday, August 25.

Helen Conardy and I have leg and foot therapy at “Prevented Plus” in Mountain Home through August. Edith McKinnon has treatments also, on separate days.

Happy birthdays to several who have August birthdays. Among those are my great-granddaughter, Chloe Mae Wright, in Springfield who was one year old August 6th. She is the granddaughter of Lyndon and Linaia Pitcock of Fair Grove. Her mother, Mindy, has an August 14th birthday and another granddaughter of mine, Rahsell Braden, has an August 9th birthday.

Some of our Extension Club members helped with the “Back To School” fair, one of them being Karen N. Davis.

Hummingbirds are thirsty and several feed at our feeders. They are bothered with red wasps as they feed on their sugar water.

Larry Davis is doing finishing work on his parents new house.

It was especially nice to receive 65 birthday cards, besides gifts, flowers, and money gifts, for my July 1st birthday. And receiving a greeting from the White House, our State Representative, and this past week a pretty card from folks in Indiana who found my name and address on the internet! A grandson, Marlyn Eldon Pitcock Jr. came from Salina, Kansas bringing a box of assorted homemade jelly from my granddaughter (his sister) in New Cambria, Kansas. It isn’t so bad growing old after all! My niece and family from Springfield were here and son, Lyndon and family from Fair Grove and Springfield.

Until next time, stay cool as much as possible!