It is hard to see shade trees and shrubs dying from lack of moisture. I can’t remember the drought of 1954 causing the loss of trees. This year it has been of longer duration and high temperatures.

Congratulatiions to Bobby Grisham who was honored last Thursday evening at Robert Burns Masonic Lodge as a 50 year member.

Also congratulations to Bernis and Nina Blair who celebrated their 55th anniversary June 30.

George Boze of Dawt area doesn’t have any peaches left on his tree after invasions of the deer that visited Sunday morning or maybe Saturday evening. It must have been quite a treat for the deer.

Chet and Dana Taylor spent Sunday with his Dad and Mother, J.C. and Bonnie Taylor, in West Plains (and sister, Joyce). They prepared dinner and had it ready when Bonnie got home from church for her July 25th birthday treat. Joyce bought her cake.

Sympathy to Jack Jarvis who lost his mother, Delphia Jarvis, of Caulfield area. Her funeral service was Thursday at Baptist Hill Church where she attended.

Others who lost loved ones have our sympathy. Lilly Ridge Church had the nursing home service at 4:00 p.m. Sunday, with Jeff Dotson giving the sermon. Sunday evening, August 5th will be the church business meeting at Lilly Ridge.

In last weeks Daily Quill the blood drive chair person thanked all blood donors and Paralee Rea, who donted her 15th gallon.

Warren and Norma Moody attended their great granddaughter, Riley Ann Denton’s first birthday party at her parents, Rusty and Nikki Denton’s home at Lakeview, Arkansas on Saturday, with other relatives present.

Richard and Rene Blackburn and Mearl and Beulah Satterfield had supper Saturday evening at Skippers in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Condolences to the Charles Stevens family in their loss. His funeral was Monday. Larry Davis is working on his parents new house in between times with his carpentry work other locations.

Friendly Neighbors Extension Club will meet at Tecumseh Fire House Thursday, August 2nd for their monthly meeting.

John Bragg is being treated at Jefferson Barracks for his health problems.

A belated July 29th birthday wish to Karen K. Davis. Also Bob Walker, her schoolmate, along with Nancy, who had a birthday recently. A happy birthday to Gennie Gillis who has an August 6th birthday.

Lou Arta Corbin celebrates her July 31st birthday this week. I wish you many more.

When Dr. Hoerman arrived in Gainesville I remember his first home delivery was at the Arthur and Juanita Gaddy home.

Paralea Rea enjoyed the Fifth Sunday dinner at Clark Ridge Church. Also the Senior Citizens event with candidates and entertainment with the pie auction. She reported that Jason McKee’s Benefit at Cauflield Community Building netted a good amount to help the family after losing their home by fire.

Maxine Smith and I enjoyed Sunday lunch at Subway.

I appreciate Shane Pendergrass for his delicious garden vegetables.

Kris Luebbert has spent her summer vacation with me between semesters in nursing school in Kansas. She will go back for the upcoming semester of August 6th. We visited Marlyn Pitcock’s in Forsyth Saturday and had the evening meal with them.

Marlyn’s family joined Kris for a week in Tillamook, Oregon, visiting Richard Ott, Electrical Engineer at his job on 52 acres at Hampton Mill and Affliliates in his home for an enjoyable vacation on the beach of the Pacifc Ocean. They flew from Kansas City airport to Portland, Oregon. The cool temperature there was very inviting for an even longer stay.

Good luck to the candidates for the upcoming election, and may be the best man or woman win.

Lyndon and Linaia Pitcock at Fair Grove have a prosperous garden and some of the largest squash they ever grew, one measuring 20 inches long and large circumference.

What matters most in human conduct is “kindness” shown in our walks of life.