Sweden Church

How big is your God? Good question. I’ve heard preachers say it before. The first time caught me off-guard. I hadn’t really thought about it. Up until that time God had occupied a little cubicle of my life and I called on Him when I was in really desperate straits. I had thought that it was my place to take care of the other stuff and He was for emergencies only. You see, I grew up with ’the good Lord gave you a brain, why don’t you use it?’ training. Kind of like ’when all else fails, read the instructions’.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a great way to grow up. The first half of my life was spent being cocky because I thought I could do anything, solve anything, and overcome anything. That is, until I dove off a cliff at Grand Lake and hit a shelf of rock head first. When I came to, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t reach the surface. I ran out of air and knew at the moment I wasn’t going to make it. You see, the air may be gone but the gray matter is still functioning.

I prayed a little prayer. I said, “Thank you for my life.” and I let go. At that very moment God scooped me up and shoved me to the top. He came out of that little cubicle I had so tidily placed him in and saved my life. My God is a BIG, BIG God. I didn’t know it until then.

Our service was about the great people of faith in Hebrews 11. Brother Josh started off the sermon telling about an accident last year when his truck was totaled. Actually, the cost to repair it was more than the value of the truck. Insurance wrote the truck off as a total loss. That’s when he (Bro. Josh) said, “Thank God he’s not in the insurance business totaling out lives and sending them to hell. He’s in the repair business.” That’s when I remembered what God had done for me years ago on a sunny afternoon. Thank God he’s in the repair business!