Sweden Church

Don’t miss heaven! This modern age is full of time-savers–computers, microwaves, ipads, cell phones, and so on and so on. So why is everyone so busy? Why is it that there’s always more and more to do? What has happened?

Old folks can remember not having any of the new conveniences. Still, they got everything done and had family time. Family time–it almost sounds like some unknown language. Times spent sitting around and talking to each other, playing games, going fishing. It just seems like there wasn’t so much pressure. But, is that true?

Take a look at Luke 10:38-42. It’s the story of Martha and Mary. Jesus is a guest at their home. Not just him, though, probably 70 of his followers that are mentioned at the beginning of the chapter since verse 38 says they. Martha is definitely the hostess and boy! is she busy. She grumbles to Jesus to tell Mary to get up and help her. Jesus says “Martha, Martha”. He sees right through her. She has put so much on herself that she doesn’t even know that she’s missing out on the necessary thing.

Jesus wasn’t saying that what she was doing wasn’t important. He was saying that her priorities were wrong. The necessary thing was to put him first. Sometimes it just seems that this is really hard to do. But it isn’t if putting Jesus Christ first is the most important thing. And what is most important is what is necessary. Jesus said it and I’m repeating it.

It’s important to slow down and put things in order. Know what God really expects us to be responsible for. For some, it’s raising their families right now. For some, it’s being a good witness just in everyday life. For others, it’s being called to do other things. Wherever God plants us is where we are to bloom. But first, do the necessary thing–listen to God.

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