St. Francis Church

Sunday, August 5 was the ninth Sunday after Trinity. Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the gospel for the day, St. Luke 15:11, in which Jesus tells the story known as the parable of the prodigal son. This is one of the best known stories in the Bible and has been called the best short story ever written in which a son violates Jewish law by asking his father for his inheritance before his proper time, then wastes the money in riotous living, then violates Jewish law again by having to work feeding pigs. The father forgives him over the objections of his elder son who had obeyed the Jewish laws.

In the parable  the eldest son represents the Pharisees for whom religion is only obeying rules and laws, but Jesus preaches the unconditional love of God as represented by the forgiving father; it is one of the stories in which Jesus teaches the love of God.

Our college students have been with us recently. Jennifer Berthold has been home from the College of the Ozarks and has been working at the museum of the White River Valley Historical Society in Forsyth. Jennifer is a history student at CofO and was named to the CofO President’s list. We are very proud of Jennifer and her accomplishments.

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