The Praise Team opened the Sunday morning service with some very uplifting music. GOOD JOB.

Donna Lewis did a beautiful job with her special song.

Brother Roberts brought the message from I John 1:8-9, “Biblical Facts About Salvation.”

Sunday evening we enjoyed a couple of special songs from Sister Brenda Townsend.

Brother Roberts brought the evening message from John 1:9.

Bob and Nora Edwards enjoyed having great granddaughter Alexis Swearengin spend Monday and Wednesday with them. On Monday, Nora and Alexis visited with Joyce Erickson. Shawn and Miranda visited awhile when they came to pick up Alexis.

On Friday, Nora Edwards enjoyed having lunch with Noah Mitchell in Mansfield. Bob and Nora Edwards visited sister-in-law Ruth Edwards in her home at Rockaway Beach Friday evening then they attended the visitation for Bert Horner in Forsyth. Shelden Walker visited Bob and Nora Edwards on Saturday, then on Sunday Bob and Nora enjoyed dinner in the home of Toby and Jacinda Sheppard. Others there were Shelden and Kendra Walker, Hunter Shelton, Sallee Sheppard, Shawn and Alexis Swearengin and Miranda Milligan.

After church Sunday evening, Paul and Donna Lewis and Brenda Townsend stopped by our house and I made biscuits and gravy and served fresh homemade peach butter with it. We enjoyed a good visit. Others visiting in our home this week were Donna Bannister, Synthia Bishop, Bevy Moore, Pauline Okhuysen, Stacie and Mahayla Hamby.

One day this week, Bevy Moore helped me make Peach Butter. It turned out really good.

On Thursday, Donna Bannister and Synthia Bishop came down and we took a drive over to West Plains then came back by Dawt Mill and stopped for awhile, we then came back and stopped at a cemetery then drove the back road and saw a whole herd of deer, that was awesome.

On Monday, Nora Hunsaker, Donna Bannister and I took Synthia Bishop to Fair Grove to spend a few days with her sister, Summer Johnson and her family. Then the rest of us made a trip to Windsor, Mo. to visit Uncle Hugh and Aunt Violet Morris. They are doing pretty good. We also got to see Juanita Deatherage while there. On Saturday, Delmar and I went to Seymour to an auction then stopped and bought peaches, we then drove to Mansfield and visited with Nora Hunsaker and Lee Williams.

Until next week remember Jesus Loves You.