The past week has gone by so fast. I can hardly believe, here we are at the last week in August.

Norma Cross’ company the past week has been Genieve and Punk Garland from Ozark, Kenny Hunt and friend, Jody. Friday she went to Springfield to pick her grandson Seth up from school. He will stay with her until Sunday afternoon.

Thursday Norma and I took Kailey Thompson to Mansfield to get her ankle x-rayed, she had a sprain in it, thank goodness it wasn’t broke. She did it at basketball practice.

Dick and I went down to see Tony and Lisa Richards new bathroom cabinet that Art Hampton built. It is really pretty.

Julian Cavalier built us a pantry for the kitchen. It’s going to be handy for canned food and etc.

Dinner guests of Tom and Sue Brown Sunday were her brother and his wife, Ron and Judy Lethco of Mountain Grove and Mom and Pappy (Lodean and Ervin) and Dianne and D.J.

Ron and Judy drove over to attend church with Sue and Tom. Sue played the keyboard for “Faithful” as they sang several songs for the morning service at Goodhope General Baptist on Sunday, August 26th.

The youth did the evening service. They did a good job. They fixed a picnic outside for everyone. There was a large group in attendance.

Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Until next time.