Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church News

Recent prayer requests:  Servicemen; cancer patients; Memphis Helsley; Monte Housley’s son Wes; Bro. Stanley Jones preaching in Licking this morning; new pastor for Oak Grove Church; Lola Dennis; Bernice Peterson; Johnny Hicks; Sharon Renfrow’s grandson Dustin (his house burned 2 weeks ago); Bernice and Darrell Price; Jennifer Alexander and her family; and students and staff going back to school.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Outing to Jump Mania; Board meeting on Sept. 2nd; Men’s Breakfast at 7 a.m. on Sept. 6th; Calvarymen Homecoming on Sept. 8th; Grandparent’s Breakfast 10 a.m. on September 10- Bring a guest; and  Clay Bird Shoot on Saturday, Sept. 22 –meet at 2 p.m. at the Rock Chapel Church- Outreach- Everyone Invited.

Birthdays: Vic Mills on August 23 and Bernice Price on the 24th.

Praise Item-cooler temps and the rain.

Choir did a special as well as Tammi Housley.  Shelby Moore announced that there would be a book signing by Kay Brooks on Sept. 19 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the New Chapter Book Store in Mansfield.  (her book is Symphony of Creation). He also announced that next Saturday will be an “Outdoor Day” for bow hunters and their families at the Christian Co. Baptist Assoc. at Camp Arrowhead.

Many from the Rock Chapel Church and their friends attended the Women’s Retreat at the Baptist Church in Hartville on Saturday.  It was a wonderful event-we appreciate their church for all the hard work.

Bro. Rick preached from John 8: 45-46 and Matthew 12 today.  He started out by saying, “We are blessed to have God in our lives”.  He welcomed everyone to our little country church today.  His sermon was on the fact that Jesus was perfect.  He never committed any sin; he was absolutely pure.  Bro. Rick explained that many times the “Church” gets falsely accused.  Someone steals money, has an affair, commits other sins, and the “Church” gets the blame.  This isn’t the fault of the church.  He gave many examples of people in the Bible that committed sins from the very beginning – Adam and Eve, Cain killing Abel, different Kings killing people to get their possessions and their wives, etc.   Bro. Rick stated that we are not perfect; we all have sin problems.  He is a minister, and after 20 years preaching he still struggles with sin.  He ended by saying, “If we live in the flesh, we are all like sheep that have gone astray.  We can become like bad apples, rotten to the core if we are not very careful; but thankfully we are redeemed by the blood of Christ.  Jesus is our only hope, he died for our sins”.

Questions:  Call Bro. Rick Batten at 683-5657 or 417-250-0918; or Shelby Housley at 746-4743; or Shelby Moore at 746-4751.

VISITORS are always welcome to participate in all events and services.