Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

On August 5, we had many prayer requests:  servicemen including Jessie McCart from Cabool;  for rain; Max Yarber; Memphis Helsley; Lola Dennis; Joyce Deed’s family; Monte Housley’s son; Carrie Coffman family; Vic and Joy Mills; Jennifer Alexander; Sue Lathrom; Sue Hefner; Stan Nehr; Jack Lawler; Jerry Lee; Daniel Curtis; and many unspoken.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Missions Conference at Mtn. Grove FWB on August 11, Men’s Rally at Mt. Pisgah in Cabool- 5 p.m. on August 18th, and Ladies Conference at Hartville on August 18th.

The choir sang a special and Stanley and Glenda Jones also performed.

Birthdays:  Sharon Marler.

Shelby Moore read a thank you card from Joy and Vic Mills for the fruit basket and cards.  Children’s Church today with Virginia Serghides.  Bro. Rick said he was thankful for the rain, and for Lola Dennis, Joy and Vic Mills, and Jimmie Marler being back in church today.  He also asked us to think about this quote, “The only ones we think are normal, are the ones we don’t know very well”.  We enjoy Bro. Rick’s sense of humor.  Today’s sermon: Romans 8: 1-4 and 35-38.  He told how when we get saved, we get so excited and it is wonderful.  But sometimes the excitement wanes a little, and then we want it to return to us.  He gave an example of a man in our church who owned a wolf that needed some restoration.  We could apply this example to our lives.  We need a little polish to shine, just like the wolf needed a little help from Bro. Rick’s taxidermy shop.  God’s word will restore us.  God has no intention of throwing anyone away.  Bro. Rick gave other examples:  our cars, houses, yards, etc.  They all need a little attention to restore some of the beauty back to them.  In our church lives, we can restore ourselves by more praying and having more faith. He said if we have any rust or neglect in our lives, work to restore it.

Today’s quote in the bulletin:  “Little things done for God become great things”.  Helen Batten does a good job printing our bulletin for us each Sunday-we appreciate her.

Evening Service:  Bro. Jim Hurt was our guest speaker this evening.  Jim and his wife sang a special.  Bro. Rick introduced Bro. Jim by stating that, “I know he was called by the Lord, and he will preach the gospel”.  And he did from Joshua 7: 1-13 and Joshua 7: 21-26.  We appreciate Bro. Jim Hurt and his family for being part of our Sunday night service.  Jim Hurt shared that he graduated from Norwood School in 1992.  Bro. Jim preached a good sermon on how you cannot hide sin from God.

VISITORS:  You are always welcome to attend Rock Chapel.  Questions:  Bro. Rick Batten- 417-683-5657 or 417-250-0918/ or Shelby Housley 417-746-4743/ or Shelby Moore 417-746-4751.